Great Product!

Hello: I just  had  to  give a  shout out on a great product. I meet Les at a  demo   and  talk about  his  product. Well I  always listen  to the  "salesman"  at  the   stuff that  is the  new  magic BULLET .   Well Les   had  nothing  bad  to  say  about  any other ...

My Number one choice for Predators

My experience  with Les's  Deep Creep bait, bobcat gland and coyote Gland lure out produced the other products I used... Hands  done.  My Number one  choice  for Predators Thank You

Number 1 Tool

Number 1 Tool

Extreme Performance baits and lures are the number one tool in my trap basket. In any weather condition, that dirt hole is working. This bobcat was caught at -18 below with Deep Creek Predator bait and Coyote Winter Gland.  Thanks for the products-