Great Product!

Hello: I just  had  to  give a  shout out on a great product. I meet Les at a  demo   and  talk about  his  product. Well I  always listen  to the  “salesman”  at  the   stuff that  is the  new  magic BULLET .   Well Les   had  nothing  bad  to  say  about  any other  product  and that  was a  plus for  me.  He did   not try to  sell  me  a tun   he  just  said  this work for  him and  this  other  stuff is  great  for a  change up..   So  I bought  some knowing  I  had  5 other companies  stuff at  home.  Well season  starts and I am targeting coyotes. put  my  standard sets in , at a set location I will  put 3  sets in  about 10 yards  apart. Now  the  part that impressed me I had a coyote  for the last 4 years messing  with me. I knew him  by one toe messed up on the  back foot , well he  had visited  my sets  for the past  seasons only to get 30 to 40  feet  away. Nick named  Willy !

This   set  consisted of a post set on one , a dirt hole with other bait and lure in the second, and the third  a dirt hole with  Les’s bait Deep Creek all predator bait, and Deep Creek Coyote Gland Lure, plus a shot of his urine..Well  5 days later checking  traps and I have one at this location  and guess who it is ..  He had  circle the post set by looking at his  tracks walk down  wind of both  dirt holes  and then  went back to the  one  with Deep Creek product . He  had a  back toe that   was deform that  why the  track, and  his bottom canines  were all  worn off all his  teeth showed his  age.

For the  season looking at  my records les outperformed  the combined others 1 5/8 to there 1  and I will take  5/8s  anytime. Also I  do a 2 day check  and  first  time in recent years  that I had  a coyote  then 2 days later in same  set had another  on Les’s product .  One last  thing I know   we are all busy but each  time I had a question about  something Les took the  time  to answer and  get my orders out  promptly  …