Thank You for visiting my new web page. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to the Reuwsaat’s Extreme Performance line of Baits, Lures and Outdoor Products.

I am from Western South Dakota and I am a full time trapper. I left the Corporate world in 2011 to make the transition to become a full time trapper. Being a multi Species Professional Trapper all these products have been used and proven successful for me. This transition allowed me to take the next step in producing my bait and lure line that I have been using privately for several years. Due to past success and phenomenal catches this line has extensive results in multiple states. It is my extreme pleasure to offer these products to all trappers and outdoorsman across the Nation so you too can reach your goals.

These Bait and Lure Recipes have been developed by me while observing actual predators on my trap line. Having the opportunity to be a full time trapper, trapping in multi states I have been fortunate enough to observe predator behavior at a set location and make adjustments to my formulas, to help hold the animal at the set longer. This allows all of us a greater opportunity to capture our targeted animal.

This is a family owned and operated business.

Thanks again for visiting and Good Luck on the line, may your chains be tight.